“I am pretty happy and healthy but I know I can live with higher levels of health, wellness, happiness and most importantly, balance. I just get caught up in work, day-to-day responsibilities, and relationships... then I become overwhelmed, and tend to feel stuck in unhealthy patterns.”

Does this sound familiar? Is this you?

If so, we’re so glad we were guided to each other. Imagine if you had a daily spiritual practice that was so powerful, you started to transform from the inside out.

Enter the Elevate the Globe Philosophy.

Our mission is to elevate the vibration of the planet. One person at a time. When each of us focuses on feeling good and does the inner work to elevate our individual vibrations, we end up creating a ripple effect that elevates our families, our communities, and ultimately the globle.  

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

We know our emotions have an energy, and frequency, that aligns us with people, situations, and affects our health, happiness and abundance levels. Depending on where we are at emotionally, we tune into different vibrations, just like connecting to a certain TV or radio channel to receive a broadcast.

So to be aligned with the high vibrations of joy and happiness, we work with The Law of Vibration and the rest of the universal laws to increase the vibration of our energy will the tools in the following 6 Elevate the Globe Pillars.

Kundalini Yoga + Meditation
Plant Based Diet
Self Love + Care
Natural + Organic + Sustainable
Giving Back + Manifesting

We live by the African term "ubuntu" which is a worldview that sees humanity as a web of families, rather than a mass of individuals. And when we can relate in this way, we feel super connected and energized by the high vibrations of love, and compassion. Our obsession is helping people like you RISE UP and live a life beyond your wildest dreams... to leave the “normal” and the “regular” behind, and explore the outskirts of magical and extraordinary. So if you’ll have us, we’d like to welcome you our Elevate the Globe family. Our minds are open to you, along with our arms, and our hearts.