Discover the spiritual lifestyle we use everyday to make “impossible” dreams a reality...

We’re super excited to share the method, what we call our “miracle-making secret” that we fully understood after seeing a Brazilian healer.

A “secret” he's used to heal thousands of people from all over the world... including Gabby Bernstein, Oprah, and even the President of Peru.

So...what is this secret exactly?


So many of our amazing RISE UP tribe members around the world are practicing this to tap into endless energy to heal and create incredible miracles in their lives.

I realized to manifest more in my life, I’d have to first learn to ask for what I want. By doing the yoga videos, I released some major blockages from my throat and heart chakras. I had no idea just how closed off to magic I’d become.
- Michelle
Rise Up was my first real experience with Kundalini yoga and I couldn't be happier that the Universe brought me Britt + Tara. Rise Up has impacted literally every aspect of my life - my relationship with others (coworkers, clients, family, friends), my relationship with money, learning to manifest, improving my mindset, and learning how to truly serve others. So many doors have been opened through this course and I feel so connected not only to the Universe itself but also to my purpose.
- Sheli
On week four of the Rise Up Course I was ready to quit. With the busyness of life, It was getting difficult to get to the class everyday. Then just as I was about to give up it hit me. I’d done this my whole life. When things got difficult or I had to compromise I ran away. Yet, instead of running away this time, I stuck with it. I saw that our practice is the reflection of how we face our everyday life. By improving on the mat, I improved my life. I had no idea that committing to get on the mat every day would get me a new car, new job and new life.
- Paula


We’re so passionate about showing you how you can tap into receive these “divine downloads” to transform your health, skyrocket your inner happiness levels, find your soulmate, and attract anything from a meeting getting moved to your dream house… anything you want to manifest.

The great part is-

You don't have to become a spiritual teacher that lives in a hut to tap into this...
You don't have to spend decades meditating...
And you don’t have to go on a some long expensive Eat, Pray, Love journey.

Although you may want to...ha!

We love that you can start changing your life today from the comfort of your home, and it’s so important to us to make it easy and accessible for you!!

The truth is most people hustle and burn out because they haven’t created a lifestyle that supports this way of living.

Instead of being able to manifest whatever they want they just keep trying harder and harder... And nothing EVER really changes.

Maybe you’ve tried this kind of stuff before.

   Extreme goal setting

   Insanely detailed to-do-lists

   Project management apps

   EFT/Hypnotherapy/Other healing modalities

   Guided audio meditation apps

   Paleo, Keto, every diet out there

   Telling yourself “I’M RICH, I’M RICH” daily in front of the mirror

   Or tracking every penny or calorie in your life

But eventually, like a lot of self-help solutions you’ve tried, after the initial high wears off - you get tired. You lose motivation. Life gets busy. And you give up.


Before we discovered our high vibe spiritual practices and adopted this lifestyle we definitely wasted life-minutes on some crazy gimmicks. We too depended on willpower to make our big “impossible” dreams come true.

Today, with our "DIVINE DOWNLOADS" and the practices and habits we have in place, our lives are now a completely different story!

We both managed to change our lives and overcome even our toughest struggles.


So how exactly did we FINALLY CHANGE?

We created a spiritual practice, a lifestyle, that aligned us with our highest vibrations - our true self (Sat Nam in Kundalini).

Once we were able to raise our vibrations, we could also connect to the universe and receive divine downloads like we never could before...

This practice, this high vibe lifestyle, helped us rise above our biggest obstacles with grace. And you can use it too. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to change or manifest – whether it’s more money or a soulmate or to release a health issue, this practice will help you create the life you’ve always wanted.

This isn’t just any spiritual practice.

It wasn’t until September 2016 when we travelled across the country to meet a Brazilian miracle worker named John of God that we learned how to use our teachings, the secrets of the universe and these DIVINE DOWNLOADS to create a spiritual practice that truly changes lives.

For those who don’t know, John of God is known by many as the man that makes miracles.

One of Tara's requests before entering in to see John of God...literally that night we received the answer. "Please help provide an illuminated path for me to follow my highest purpose on the planet + in this life. Please help shed light on the way forward."

What happened next... blew both of us away. After 24-hours of meeting John of God, Tara started literally seeing energy and bright white and purple auras in our Airbnb.

Britt received messages from her mom, who had recently passed away from lung cancer. From this healing, Britt released so much grief she had felt when she lost her mother.

We both learned that we had been destined to work together since we first met at 12-years old in ballet class. That evening we decided to officially work together on Elevate the Globe!

The amount of clarity we received in less than 24-hours was incredible...

But the clarity we received wasn’t just limited to our own journey.

After we witnessed John of God’s healing we could also clearly see the ONE THING people need to really change their lives.

You have to connect to the infinite energy of the universe.

Chances are, you’ve probably seen some people who are connected to this infinite energy. Everything seems to come to them so easily.

Think of people like Elizabeth Gilbert or Oprah. They are human just like us. They’ve experienced heartbreak, setbacks and tragedy.

The truth is...

When you are connected to this infinite energy you can receive instant clarity. The answers to your biggest questions, the solutions to your biggest problems come to you effortlessly, like a DIVINE DOWNLOAD from the universe.

So by now, we know what you are probably thinking...

If there's this amazing infinite energy, why can’t I use it right now?

In simple terms: You are disconnected from the infinite energy of the universe.

It’s like your wifi connection is broken.

Your broken wifi keeps your subconscious cloudy.

Your broken wifi keep you in a low vibration survival mode, so you never quite reach your highest potential.

When we started to reboot our spiritual wifi all sorts of messages or DIVINE DOWNLOADS started coming to us from the universe.

   We started seeing auras and energy on a regular basis

   We are delivered messages and ideas about how to move forward on everything

   We started being led to all sorts of opportunities. We are have been guests on multiple podcasts, now have our own podcast, are teaching numerous workshops and speaking at festivals like The Good Fest, hosting retreats, and so much more

   We meet high vibrational people who help us, who give us messages that lead us to a book, person, or resource that we had been asking for...almost every time we go out of the house

   We both started to be guided by numbers and symbols. (One day Britt asked the universe to show her flamingos if she was on the right track.) And sure enough within 48-hours she starting seeing flamingos everywhere- hundreds of them

   These DIVINE DOWNLOADS even helped us create content for our online program fast and channel the information included to help others

   Our intuition has strengthened and our physic abilities are stronger than ever. So often we know what is going to happen before it does and we have such trust in our feelings it is a huge guide for our decisions

Now, after discovering this... we asked ourselves:

   Could we help people do this WITHOUT having to do what we did?

   Could we teach people how to do this so they didn’t have to fly across the globe and meet John of God?

   Could we teach people how to do this so they didn’t have to spend 6-years and $30,000 going to trainings and learning from masters?

We believed we could..

Why not let some of our former Rise Up Members tell you?

I have spent this entire year stressing over my finances. I was in debt and it just seemed like it would never end. It was holding me back from everything! Money is all I thought about!

After all of the amazing work I have done this year in this course I finally saw my solution. I took the steps I needed to take to change for good. Once I showed up, the universe did too. Everything just started to flow to me!
- Stephanie
I've known since I was a child part of my purpose is to help change the world. And when the Rise Up Course came across my path, I knew I was ready to find out HOW I was going to do that.

Through those eight short weeks I came into my purpose as a healer and medium. I knew before starting Kundalini it was something I was meant to do but I was straight up TERRIFIED of it. Kundalini allowed me to bust through all my blocks, release my fears and step into my power.

I feel MOST like myself now when I am serving others and helping them awaken to the power and healing abilities inside them. I am completely in love with this new aspect of my life.

By the end of the program I had a clear vision of what was next, and have since created that. A place for women to heal from the inside out. To be empowered, supported, and awakened to their power and all that they are capable of. The Healing Her Collective.
- Abby

When we saw these results, we knew we had to get this to more people.

So we created Rise Up: A Course in High Vibrational Living.
We are soooo excited to share it with you!

The Rise Up Course is a in-depth vibe raising spiritual practice we’ve created specifically for you.

Over 8-weeks, we will introduce you to a series of ancient practices including Kundalini yoga, Ayurvedic philosophies, meditation, chakra clearing, shamanic astrology, hermetics, numerology, plant-based recipes and life-altering mindset training, to help you reconnect to the infinite energy of the universe and get DIVINE DOWNLOADS from the universe ON DEMAND so you can create the life of your dreams.

The RISE UP 8-week lesson rundown:

Level One: Tools for Rising Up

AKA - An Introduction to your high vibe spiritual practice

Getting started is often the hardest part of any journey. In this first lesson we will give you the essential tools for living a high vibe life. You will be welcomed to the Rise Up Facebook Community, introduced to subconscious clearing practices, and given the exact growth game plan you need to stay consistent and committed to your 8-week journey. (Easy to follow videos and thought-provoking "soul work” are included in this lesson and all lessons!)

Level Two: Raise Your Vibes

AKA - How to master your mind for good vibes all the time

MMembers have often said this is their favorite lesson in the wholee RISE UP Course. We aren’t surprised. Having a limited mindset is often one of the biggest obstacles to self-mastery. In this lesson we will show you the spiritual practices you need to shift and elevate your mindset immediately.

Level Three: Recharging Yourself

AKA - A spiritual self-care plan for ambitious women

Most women secretly view self-care as a selfish act. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can’t fill up another’s glass if your glass is empty. In this lesson we will show you how you can reconnect and recharge your spirit, so you are ready to receive, give and live at a completely new level.

Level Four: 99% Happier

AKA - Stress Management for Happy High Vibe Days

Life happens. You lose your job. You get divorced. Your loved one passes away. Or maybe you simply get trapped in the day-to-day hustle of emails, meetings and to-dos. Stress is something we all have in our life. It’s part of living in our modern world today. It’s not going away anytime soon. But not to worry, in this lesson we will give you tips, tricks and spiritual practices that can help you rise above even the most overwhelming or heartbreaking circumstances.

Level Five: The Divine Download

AKA - How to sage your subconscious and make space for the divine

Our modern world is filled with energy vampires. Just think about it. Our days are often filled and fueled with a hormone induced food supply, information overload, distracting social media and toxins in our water, air and on the walls of our homes. In this lesson we will reveal several ways you can cleanse your subconscious and your physical space, so you can start receiving divine downloads from the universe.

Level Six: Manifesting Miracles

AKA - An inspired guide to manifesting the “impossible”

So many people believe manifesting is just goal setting, journaling, creating dream boards or chanting until your head feels like it’s going to spin off. But, manifesting is an art and science. In this lesson we will teach you why manifesting hasn’t worked for you in the past and how to remove BLOCKS so you can manifest anything you want. Let us show you how to manifest and take inspired action.

(NEW) Level Seven: Protecting Your Energy

AKA - How to protect your spiritual wifi

As you raise your vibration, open your chakras and connect to the infinite energy of the universe, it’s important to learn how to protect your energy. In this lesson we will teach you how to make sure you don’t pick up other people’s energy or give yours away. We will show you how you can maintain your high vibes no matter what’s happening around you.

(NEW) Level Eight: Service + Giving Back

AKA: How to become a Lightworker

You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to heal the world. Anyone, in any profession anyone where in the world can make an impact on the world. When we both started our spiritual journey, we learned that we could be of service to the world by simply healing our own stuff. How? When you vibrate higher, it naturally raises the vibrations of those around you. When you have strong spiritual wifi, you can share it with others… In this module we will show you how you can find your inner Lightworker and help elevate the consciousness of the globe.

Here is what is included:

   8 Full Length Kundalini Yoga Classes (given to you in (8) 60-minute videos) filled with Kundalini moves to align + balance each chakra.

   8 Soul Work Journal Prompts designed to help you clear your subconscious, adjust your point of attraction, and create a plan so you can take inspired action and make your dream goals a reality.

   Magic Morning Ritual 15 Min Video (New Warm Ups + Video Each Week) to sage your soul, so you can start every day with high vibes.

   Bedtime Ritual Video- Kundalini Bedtime Ritual with Yogi Bhajan’s Prescription

   3 Live Group Coaching Sessions with Britt + Tara.

   3 Kundalini 15-20 Min HIIT Workouts- High Intensity + More Physical Kundalini Practices

   Spiritual Guidance Module Videos- 2-5 Module Videos Each Week Explaining Spiritual Concepts to Apply in your life

   Lifetime access to the RISE UP community via a private Facebook page (priceless!)

Register by April 27th to lock in these bonuses worth over $3,000:

   40 Day Meditation Challenge Audio Meditations

   AFFIRMATION + MANIFESTING eBook. The 30+ most powerful affirmations (for money, relationships, and happiness) and a guide to creating your own affirmations.

   Lifetime Access of Raise Your Vibration Challenge

   Expert Guest Qi Gong Bedtime Routine from Renee and Lulu of Energy Tribe

   Expert Guest Goal Setting Training from Goal Coach Lauren Bragg's of @wellnessvixen

   Elizabeth Lim chef extraordinaire of @kale.and.coconuts has added 17 amazing recipes to our meal plan- even more vegan recipes, anti- inflammatory, energizing, high vibe yogic recipes

More About our Bonuses:

AFFIRMATION + MANIFESTING eBook. The 30+ most powerful affirmations (for money, relationships, and happiness) and a guide to creating your own affirmations. High level manifesting strategies to allow you to fulfill your purpose and attract your dreams into your life quickly! Learn the exact strategy that Britt used to manifest her dream home and 3-hour pain free birth + what Tara used to manifest her move to Santa Monica.

Plus... Joining the Facebook Community: Access to the 2018 Rise Up FB Group for Additional Support, Wisdom and Love!

Plus.. A meal plan that includes delicious recipes and an easy to follow shopping list to help you start your high vibe, plant-rich, anti-inflammatory, superfood diet. Elizabeth Lim chef extraordinaire of Kale and Coconuts has added 15+ amazing recipes to our meal plan and we’ve added NEW Yogic Ayurvedic Recipes!

BONUS: Goal Coach Lauren Bragg Goal Setting video workshop to set yourself up for success during this course, make sure you follow through, and keep you on track. She is our goal coach and has changed everything for us and allowed us to hit all of our goals.

RISE UP Enrolment is currently CLOSED.

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By signing up you agree to receive weekly inspiration and to be the first to know about events and programs to elevate yourself and to Elevate the Globe.

Messages are everywhere.

The universe is here for you trying to guide you on your divine path.

So the question is... Are you ready to listen?

100% Money Back Guarantee

We know this spiritual practice works because it’s the exact same process that we’ve been using to create real meaningful change in our lives, all while feeling alive, free and full of energy.

However, if you’re on the fence…or if other online programs have left you skeptical, then we want to give you every chance possible to buy it, try it, and implement it with no worries.

That’s why we’re giving you a FULL 14 DAYS to go through the program and if you find that it's not a right fit – we’ll refund your money with no hard feelings.


I'd love to join, but I don't think I can afford it right now.

Here's the thing: when you're stressed, stuck or exhausted, you throw money down the drain every single day. You might keep ordering take-out because you are too tired to cook. Starbucks becomes your best friend, your source of energy and inspiration. (That $5 a day can add up too!) You might shop to lift your mood or fill that empty feeling you have inside. If you think this could be you, then we’d suggest that you take look at your finances. Where are you spending money because you are stressed? Then ask yourself, is this really for my higher good?

Something else to consider: There's also the cost of things money can't buy - the missed opportunities, the dreams gone unrealized, the years wasted in the wrong relationships or wrong career… When you keep ignoring these messages from the universe, you can find yourself completely overworked - and worse with nothing to show for it.

The price for the course is $997 - that's about $124 a week.

So, perhaps the question should be, what is the cost of continuing to live in a state of constant struggle?

Are you offering a payment plan?

YES! We love payment plans! You will find the payment options above. (But if you have additional questions about it, please don’t hesitate to email us at

I barely have enough time to get things done as it is - how will I find the time to to do the RISE UP Course?

We know you’re crazy busy. And the last thing we want to do is give you another to-do for your never-ending list. But here’s the thing – TIME is not your problem.

Say what!!?


How many of us binge on Netflix once or twice a week because we feel so beat down from the day that we don’t have the energy to do one more thing. How many of us take a 10-minute break to scroll through Instagram only to find ourselves there an hour later?

Our RISE UP Course is designed specifically to give you the energy you need to make the most of your time. You’ll find that once you have this practice in place, you will never again be a slave to the clock. You will find more time day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month and be completely surprised by the amount of tasks you start crossing off your to-do-list.

I feel like I should be able to work this out on my own.

It is possible to do this by yourself and some women do manage to do just that. But as you probably know, it can be terribly lonely to make big changes on your own. And you risk wasting months - if not years - trying to figure things out. It took us 6-years and $30,000 PLUS to create this spiritual practice.

Through our journey, we’ve found that it’s best to get support. (This applies to most everything in our life…)

We hire accountants to do our taxes.
We hire hair stylists to cut our hair.

We believe creating a spiritual practice should be no different.

The RISE UP Course gives you all the tools, information and support you need in one place, so you can finally make the change you want in your life.

Can you guarantee specific results?

We completely believe in this course and would not offer it to you if we did not. The testimonials and stories on this page are from REAL women who've received REAL results.

With that being said, this is not some "get rich scheme." Our lovely high vibe attorney has advised us to say this to make sure there isn't any confusion.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the ideas and techniques in this program. Earning and transformation potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas and techniques.

Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, your finances, your business, your knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level.

What is your refund policy?

We know this program can truly help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of... just like our previous students have experienced.

And spiritual teachers, we know that the only way to access the “DIVINE DOWNLOADS” is through direct, personal experience. You can’t know what it’s like until you test it out for yourself.

Our wish is for you to experience greater peace, joy, and meaning in your own life - without any risk.

That’s why we’re willing to offer such a generous guarantee. Try the course out. You have a FULL 14 DAYS to go through the program. If you feel like it's not a right fit, we’ll refund your money with no hard feelings.


Don’t be a stranger, please email us at

I had incredible releases of what Eckhart Tolle refers to as "pain bodies". I couldn't necessarily pinpoint what the causes were for these blocks or pains but they would get triggered from time to time and cause stress and strife in my life. The Rise Up meditations helped me release these pain bodies and the memories from childhood that unconsciously played in the background of my life. These meditations also helped me disconnect cords of attachment consciously and quickly. Since the completion of the program, I have had more moments of radiant energy. Now not everyday is perfect, I’m still working on making this consistent. But today, now I know I have the tools to rise above the pain.
- Melissa
Have you ever felt completely underwhelmed by life? That is exactly how I felt before I joined Rise Up. It’s like I had fallen out of love with life. However, within the first week of the Rise Up Course I felt a surge of optimism re-enter my life. The modules were almost like medicine to me. The lessons I’ve learned have brought joy to me everyday whether I’m doing something as simple as brushing my teeth, or as delicate as supporting my family through tragedy. My love for Rise Up and this community is forever ❤
- Becky
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