Elevate the Globe Meetup in Your Area

We are so excited to see more and more Elevate the Globe meetups! These meetups were a huge part of the vision we were shown, and now you’ve asked for them so we wanted to facilitate. We are soooo excited about this!

In person connection is so important, for all of us of course, but especially for those of you that are new on this spiritual path and adopting this new lifestyle. Surrounding yourselves with like-minded and like-hearted people is SO key for sustainability. It’s so important to us that you know you are not alone, so you can thrive with this lifestyle, and have so much fun with it!

It would be too much for us to manage and schedule them ourselves, so we encourage you to create them in your area! Do you have a local Kundalini class or studio that you like? A vegan or healthy restaurant? A race or charity event coming up that you could join together?

We created a meetup.com group to make it easy for you. You’ll have one place you can easily look at, schedule, and attend events in your own area.

If you want to become an admin to create an event in your area please email support@elevatetheglobe.com and we will add you.

You can find and join the group here.

Guidelines for creating an event:

When creating an event put the name of the event and then the city and state.

For example: Hike + Meditation- Manhattan Beach, CA.

Send in your meet up pictures to support@elevatetheglobe, subject line: Meetup Picture.

Feel free to tell us a little bit about the event and we will feature them on this very page you’re on now. We also encourage you to add your pictures in the FB group - The Elevate the Globe Spiritual Warriors!!

We love you so much and can’t wait to connect more as we grow this beautiful community!! Sat Nam and so much love.